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    Do you think you need alcohol to make drinks? Nothing could be more wrong! We are pleased to present you recipes for drinks without alcohol that will drive you crazy! A 0 percent soft drink company has created several recipes on its website that allow you to prepare delicious drinks without a single drop of alcohol! One of them, for which you need 50 ml of rum without alcohol, 1 tablespoon of sugar, a small bunch of mint, 3 limes, juice and soda water. with a pestle and mortar, then put a handful of crushed ice in 2 tall glasses, pour the lime juice between the glasses with the mint mixture, add the straw and top it up with baking soda and it's ready! Check out the 0 percent store website for many more and varied recipes for delicious vegan drinks without alcohol. Additionally, in the "shop" tab you will find other types of drinks, such as vodka without alcohol. Welcome!

    Data dodania: 03 01 2021 · szczegóły wpisu »